About Me

I'm always creating. In 2015 I gained a Bachelor's of Science in Film and Marketing and have since pursued and manifested a career in designing digital experiences. I work full time as a UX/UI Designer at PaperWise in Springfield, Missouri. Beyond my day job, I freelance as a Graphic Designer and Cinematographer. I have a rapidly growing 35mm film photography portfolio and am gaining skillsets for front-end web development. I strive to never stop learning or creating. I wish to cultivate creativity and bring positive experiences to every interaction - whether that's a photo, a sentence, or a experience on the web.

The Intuition of Art/Science/Nature


"I've always been intrigued by the congruencies in these three subjects. There seems to be a natural ebb and flow (balance) of which beautiful visual experiences are born from. The creative mind being a hub for both perceiving and also understanding each and every sensory input we register. As the human/technology divide seems to dissipate, we remember only the best of all of our experiences. Have you ever seen The Matrix?"

- Jared Carpenter