Modest Mouse & STL

Last weekend we packed our bags and headed to St. Louis.  One of our favorite bands, Modest Mouse, played at the Pageant on The Loop.  I've been there twice before - once for Matt & Kim in 2014, and once for Leon Bridges in 2016.  The venue is fantastic, you can't get a bad seat in the house.  Even if you're at the bar ordering a Boulevard Wheat on tap, you could still see the intensity in Isaac Brock's neck artery.  Right next door is Three Kings Public House, where we had a killer veggie burger and sweet potato fries.  Bowie got to tag along as our AirBnB allowed for pets.  If you haven't traveled using AirBnB, than you're missing out.

On Saturday, we had brunch and went to see the St. Louis Botanical Garden.  It was amazing.  I felt like I was immersed in a fantasy fiction world from an alternate 1800's dystopian Earth.  I brought along my Minolta with Ilford Delta 400.  Stunning pictures, but they don't even cover a quarter of the garden grounds.  I brought one roll of film and only shot sparingly.

Black & White Summer

One of my good friends Vincent needed some headshots for business purposes.  He just wanted something quick that had a good look.  We got out and shot a roll of some #Delta100 B&W.

I love the look of this film.  Too bad I didn't invest in the CPL lens filter until right after this - hopefully we will see more skies with the next roll. 

Gear used: Minolta X-370 35mm, Ilford Delta 100, 28mm f2.8 Prime, 35-75mm f4.5-5.5

Captured in Jordan Valley Park, Downtown Springfield, MO.