Forming phase

What are we building?  What are our possibilities to learn and build?  This is a team forming phase - of which we can establish the scope of our project.  We can define forms of communication, milestones along the way, the goal of the project, who the users/audience are, and opportunities and objectives of the work involved.  The team should align here, often times "aha!" moments are a great start to something great.


What is the experience like for the user or audience?  Who exactly are we designing for?  and flesh out opportunities discovered in the forming phase.  Our goal here is to understand the problems of the user, the user's journey and roadmap through the experience.


"I wish we could do this.."  This is where the designing begins.  We've defined goals, now let's examine the market and more specifically, our competitors.  Let's find some inspiration or moods.  Card sorting, mind-mapping, and prototyping will help us uncover possibilities and guide us towards the full potential of the project.


This is the meat of our creation.  Let's solve pain points, devise a UX flow, and hit a stride.  Let's polish every aspect of the design, and lock in some looks.  It's a constant game of balancing the ideal user experience and solving edge case problems.


How successful was our solution?  Were our intentions met on the project?  Let's jump back to our forming phase and look at our objectives, goals, and problems.  How did we do?  Let's reflect on the data we've gathered - if we have to move to a second major iteration of the project, so be it.  It's exciting to monitor and accelerate your business.


Victory! Cheers! Need I say more?